About Us

My name is Tina, and I am a mum of three nearly adult children. I have lived on The Tweed Coast, Northern NSW of Australia, owning and operating restaurants, gourmet food companies and healthy treat businesses for most of that time. I have always loved to cook and create since I was little, so now into adulthood I am going to fulfil my dream and passion and be of service to people through my Love of Cooking!

Understanding the importance of being able to put a nutritious healthy but flavoursome meal for the family on the table and also appreciating how important it is to not spend all my precious time in the kitchen slaving away for it.

My recipe Ebooks will save you that time and my spice blends will add the flavour to tantalise any taste bud.

"It makes my heart sing being able to provide wholesome good food.."

I have been in the corporate sector, health industry, marketing, sales and customer service industries along the way but always found myself back on my purpose path, which is where I’m staying. It makes my heart sing being able to provide information, tips and tricks and now our new spice blend range. Whether you are time poor, lack motivation or knowledge, I am here to help and the recipe Ebooks will hopefully make life a little bit easier!

"What’s for dinner?"

I know the struggle is real when it comes to the end of the day and there are hungry mouths to feed, when all you want to do is cook toast or 2-minute noodles!!

I am here to save you that time and take the hassle out of “what’s for dinner” with my recipe Ebooks. Saving you time in the kitchen but still being able to provide yummy and tasty meals the whole family will enjoy!

Yours in Cooking!